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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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weather. heavy rains pounded the area for most of the day. >> in baltimore county, rains made pocketsçç. tom tasselmyer is live, and he has a quick check of the weather for us. >> the rain continues in some areas, it's not asç heavyç ors widespread as it was this afternoon, but this is also across central and eastern maryland, and that may linger. the problem is this area of the pressure thatç has beenç sittg off of the coast for most of the week has spun up towards the pennsylvania-maryland border, and it will generate some showers bff parts of maryland picked upçç over 5 inches of n which will generate some showers. parts of maryland picked up over 5 inches of rain. we will check out the forecast in detail coming up in just a little pit. >>ç just a reminder, you can follow the storms on our website. using the interactive radar, you
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can pinpoint the weather down to your very street. you will find it on the homepage. çç[taps plays] >> today, the state bugler director playedçç "taps" at te same time the plane hit the south tower in new york eight years ago. >> indeed, eight years ago today,ç terroristsç attacked s country in a way we will not forget. nearly 3000 people died when plane slammed into the trade center, the pentagon, and a fiedd!in rural(pdnnsylvania. >> tracie potts takes a look at today's events and how president obama and the victims' families want the state remembered. >> from downtownçç houston to classrooms in kansas, from a church in florida to this firehouse in las vegas. >>çó watching this tower collapsed, and thinking -- iç s
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just inç shock. >> today, america remembered the nearly 3000 people who died on september 11. >> yolanda. >>ç çthe pain is still wroughn new york, where the memorial is still under construction -- the pain is still raw. ç>>ç the pain can still be so sharp. >> two planes hit, two towers hit, and every name was read here and in shanksville, pa.,ç took on terrorists reportedly bound for the white house. >> we can never truly grasp of the emotions that must've gone through the hearts and mindsç f passengers andç crew as they realized the mortal danger they were in. >> at the white house today, and moment of silence before president obama laid a wreath on a ringçç -- a moment of silene
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before president obama laid a wreath. >> we will do everything in our power toçç keep america safe. >> he then went to work on what will now be known as a national day of service and remembrances. >> in a day of rebirth and renewal. and building up, to honor those unsuspecting victims who gave up their lives on a day america will never forget. ççtracie potts, wbal tv 11 ne. >> on this anniversary of 9/11, one soldier wounded received a gift of appreciationç forç his great sacrifice. today, he and his family were presented the key to the brand- new home. thanks to one organization, hamas forç our troops,ç the sergeant got the home -- palms for our troops. -- homes for our troops. he was hit byç anç ied was trg
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to save an injured soldiers life. he and his family moved into a cramped living quarters at cammies. that is when the organization gotç involved -- at campç mea. >> it is not a light-ending situation. this is my life beginning -- is not a life-endingçç situation. >> it is filled with special equipment to make the sergeant's life easier. >> tonight, the u.s. coast guard isç promisingç to investigatea training exercise that caused a big stir along the potomac river in washington, d.c. during the exercise, the coast guard could beç heard talking çabout a suspicious vessel and shots heard. two calls were put into the coast guard, and they were told that the command post new nothing about the activity. thatç s)when they decided to report what they were hearing, especially because of the seriousness of the data and the proximity of the pentagon.
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of course, we now knowçç thatt was just a drill -- because of the seriousness of the day. >> although it is unfortunate and escalated to this level, what you're seeing is aç normal trainingç exercise. >> they have defended their exercise, saying it would have been irresponsible to not have reported what they had been seeing and hearing. çbut coast guardç says we arel safer because of training exercises like this one -- because bards says that. we have continuing coverage on our website -- because the coast ber because of the training exercises. you can also take part of our online poll. do you think the u.s. isç áb#er today? >> tonight, baltimore city police are searching for a brazen suspect, somebody who shot and killed a man in brát @ they have identified the vict, and authorities say he was sitting on a bicycle at an empty
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bus stop when someone shot him. --ç çsitting on a bicycle actn mta bus stop. if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers -- atç aç bus stop. >> and a police officer charged with sexually assaulting a young girl pled guilty. çheç entered the plea thursday before his trial was to start. the crime happened in march 2008. the officer admitted he took the girl, who was in herç care,ç k the girl into the basement, pulled down her pants, and fondled her. he is currently free on bail. he will be sentenced later. >>çç today, acorn fighter two more workers due to a hidden video -- firedç to dahlia more 9$(lc@&c+ comes one day after the fighter to two people in the baltimore office -- fired two more employees.
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david collins is live in@-uì(lc+ >> the videos are the top of e nation, and now, it is illegal to record audioçç of someone without their permission -- they are the talk of the nation. they are being investigated. two hidden camera videos have surfaced, butçç showing the employees giving advice to women posing as prostitutes, women asking for help in buying a brothel -- buyingç aç houser a brothel. the man pretends to be a pimp. the woman pretends to be a prostitute. the employee tells her not to list prostitutionçç as her profession. a couple tells the workers the plan to bring several under aged girls from central america to work as prostitutes in the house. zes that at least three of the girls to be claimed as dependents on a tax return -- acorn advises thatç.
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thisç to place back on july 24. acorn heard about it this week, and they say no noì(lc@&c+ and no new business was established. >> one was a part-time tax preparer seasonal worker. >> accordingçç to the law, its against a lot to record some and without their permission. >> it is a felony for surreptitious taping of others'' conversations without their consent. >> the person says they are considering suing. it could possibly haveç been obtained in violation of maryland law, which requires two-party consent. they claim it was part of a smear campaign,!qndç it would shot by stevens self-proclaimed conservatives. acorn is credited with registering democrats -- shotçy two self-çproclaimed
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conservatives. they said they would be happy to share this video with their opponent if anyone decides to run. ççthey're now calling for investigations of acorn. acorn considers the video a distraction.4+% >>ç we will continue to focus r efforts on the work that we do on predatory lending, foreclosure, health care. that is what we do. acorn çofficials say tze same people that went to at least five other of their offices were turned away, or police were called. according to the associated pressçç, one companies said ty had lost confidence. -- one company said that. çç>> now, in tonight's educatn alert, a powerful documentary geared to providingçç improves
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to the lives of african american males, it is called "man to boys." ççthere are new graduation les -- "men to boys." local civil-rights leaders and top school officials are hoping thisç documentary will stir soe çdebate and help generate some solutions.d help generate some >> we know that we cannot do this alone. in order for things to move in a çpositive direction,ç we need african-american males to be involved in the lives of our young folks. >> the documentary will be shown twice atçç annapolis high sch. it will be shown at 2:00 p.m. and then at 7:00. admission is just $1 with a canned goodçç. >> tonight, we will take you to l.a. and give you behind-the- scenes information. çç>> tonight, improve the quay
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of the life of people suffering with brain cancer -- improving the quality of life. that is what ted kennedy died fzol. >>ç tonight, the crew of the space shuttle discovery is back home on earth. >> and tropical areas-like will çsoak the region today,ç but n we expect -- a tropical area
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>> in tonight's medical alert, a new studyçç shows a drug may e able to improve the quality of life of brain cancer patients. researchers to combine the drug with a chemotherapy drug said patients with anç extremel aggressive form of brain cancer on average lives a few months longer. the drug works by cutting off the blood supply that a tumor needs to grow.
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with recurring brain tumors. >> i think that is very important that we give hope to these patients, because there is hope. it is real. çitç is concrete. it is absolutely true that there is an ever increasing fraction of patients that seem to be surviving the tumor. >> duke university was one of besides participating in this çtrial. senator ted kennedy sought treatment -- was one of the sides participating in the trial. >çç-- sites participating. >> the space shuttle discovery was not able to touch down in florida,çç and the land in california and to the 14-day supply mission to the international space station -- ended the 14-day ççspace
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mission. >> in a matter of days, "the jay leno show" will debut. ybñ we met up withç jay in los angeles to talk about the challenges and excitement about creating television history. this is the first look at his news said. itç was off lh]its of few weeks ago when we were in los angeles -- a look at his new set. now that we get a look, a very nice. this has been a pressure-filledc summer for jayç leno, stickingo the comedy club circuit. he does about 150 shows a year, just to stay fresh. çin our fewç minutes with hime wondered, is he stressed? not really. he is just jay. >> jay, the promo is çrunning right oów. the economy is down. people are losing homes. does that put any pressure on
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you? >> this is an embarrassing business to be in in the first place. it isç like when --ç i alwayst nervous when the executives say "now, our analysts show that this will be --" ççthey just have all of these charts and graphs. you just go out there and see what happens. >> going out there to do your stand up, trying to seeç@m!ì(l+ i have always considered myself to be a stand-up comedian, even when i had a television show, and it gives you a sense of what people like and what they do notç like. a jokeç that may be funny in nw york or l.a. might be kind of a wise guy in other parts of the country, so you kind of temper it for what works everywhere. the ideaç is you goç places we there are people in big overalls and a piece of straw in
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theirçç mouths. that does not happen. >> jay leno has the reputation of being the hardest working man in show business. and one of theñi nicestç, a kif everyman persona we can all laugh at and with. >> after our first impressions,e >> he is, very humble, very humble, indeed. his show debuts this monday, september 14, 10:00 p.m.,çç rt here on wbal tv. now, the guest list for the show -- this is just the first night. >> we are not on. >> çjerry seinfeld,ç kanye we, rihanna, and more. >> it was a rainyçç friday all across the region excepted western maryland where they have
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hardly any rain, but there was a solid over 1 inch of rain in one area. the rain's coming out of the normal. today, only 62 degrees, and 100 on this date in 1983. that is the last time the record ççhits 100 in this year. this was all because of this storm soaking the area, coming in off of the atlantic, almost like a tropical storm. andç neverç actually became tropical storm status, but it acted like one -- it never actually became a tropical storm status. all of that heavy rain now backing upç into pennsylvania. çit will likely get active aga, even though the showers are falling apart tonight. that area of low pressure will link. çç-- linder. -- linger. just about two inches across
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çsouthernç pennsylvania, four inches in pennsylvania, and very little and parts of maryland. cloudy skies to start saturday. it looks like we will be dealing with lighter rain showers for mostbju$e day tomorrow,ç and we might even se it some sunshine squeezing in. there'll be a west wind -- we might even see some sunshine. it starts to drift)uzç the south and moves back of the atlantic as it gets pushed out of here, and the skies began to clear out, so that means we are a set of 94 football -- and the skies begin to clear out. ççso that means we are set for football. the most because the day tomorrow with a west wind at 10 çto 15 m.p.h.. ç-- a good day tomorrow. deep creek lake and the garrett county mountains for sunday.
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some hit-or-miss showers popping up. ocean city, look for some scatteredçç showers and high temperatures in the mid 70's for saturday re-gifter optical storm -- for saturday. tropical stormç fredç is forecasted to get weaker as it drifts away of the next couple of days. 80 degrees for ravens but on ]ñçtuesdayl on sunday. >> and multi million-dollar vanishing act. tonight, a search for several çexpensive piecesç of art -- a multimillion-dollar vanishing act.
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>> aç multimillion-dollar collection of andy warhol paintings were stolen, including portraits of favorite athletes, and they were taken from the homeçç of a rich businessman. a reward is offered that would lead to the recovery of the artwork. >> a purple haze of excitement and anticipation of theçç ra'' gained day on sunday -- game day on sunday. ççóthere were several pep rall. they kick off their regular season against the kansas city chiefs. >> not of a lot of football, but
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>> week two of high school football, and our extra score of the"w: two of the best programs in te state. new artificial turf. for most of the game, they loved it. ç7-0.
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fourth quarter, back. 10 yards. 10-7. under two minutes to play,ç çe referred punting from deep in the and said. a gorgeous kick. -- this goal punting from deep in the end zone. he dances around,çç makes a fw moves, and down the sideline as he goes. brown, 65 stunning yards. that made the difference. 14-10. ççthanks to some fabulous fied turf. under the lights of pauley tech -- polyçut(r untouched. second quarter. now returned a punt. his verbalç commitment to penn his commitment to the enzo unquestioned. city college shuts them outç
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-ç his commitment to the end zone unquestioned. ççthe kansas city chiefs offem another title -- trash talker. >> i do not know. we are going to play well. they are not going to want to ?d&ay us by the endç of the ga. >> ok, it did not sound like all that much, but that quote from flacco is hanging in the locker room. ççjust stating the obvious and backing his teammates. after all of the improvement we see from flacco, he could talk the talk. how far he has começ from the rookie started last ya). merriman enters the season with criminal charges no longer his girlfriend claims he assaulted her, but the
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prosecutor does not agree. after a weeklong investigation, the dis(rict attorney'sç office claims insufficient evidence to prosecute. he said all along he was trying to keeper from driving drunk, what she said it was against her will --çç keep her from drivig drunk. the ravens face the chargers in week two. it is hard to argue. çça pioneer for women's basketball. there is the head coach, and the admiral from the naval academy, oh, yes, and michael. ççone name will suffice when talking the greatest to ever play. the five-time league mvp. ççhis 1992 it dream team teammates -- 1992 dream team teammate. çç>> he spent a lot of time wh me after practice, working on
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the moves, and he saw this moment a long time ago. did not, i wanted to prove not to just lee roy smith and to myself but to the coaches picked him over m&a, i wanted him to -"amistake, do it.u made a -- but to the coach who picked him over me. >>ç theç record number standsa 27-21. as least, that was it. it ends tonight against the orioles. autumn of the threel merek jeter. çdown the right-field line -- t the bottom of the third. i love the fact that theyç tryo çpick derek jeter offers. brian roberts. bases loaded. he is coming through. itç brings in a pair. çthe orioles at that point taka lead, 5-4.
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right now in the seventh, they need this won by a score of 8-4. çthey just tackedç on one mor. -- they
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>>çç what about rain for the rest of the weekend? >> once it clears out tomorrow night, sunshine comes in full and we will stay in the 80's for a couple of days, so kind of a warm start for the season. >> very wellut. >>ç that is good to know. >> we know that our viewers would not do that, but just in case you missed any of this newscast, we have an encore broadcast for you. ç ç [ cheers and applause ]


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